2012 Tree Defect Workshop Wodonga

December 12, 2012

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On December 9, Michael Tracy again represented Logical Tree Management at the 2012 the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation (VTIO) & Council Arboriculture Victoria (CAV) presented the 2012 Tree Defect Workshop. The event was held in the city of Wodonga at The Cube, Hovell Street, Wodonga.

A range of topics were covered by the 7 presenters, providing the 50 plus attendees with an overview of tree defects and their management.

Michael Tracy of Logical Tree Management spoke of the use of aerial canopy inspections as a tool for assessing tree defects and making more informed management decisions in regards to risk reduction pruning. A case study, including video footage from a head cam was discussed during the presentation.

Gerard Reynolds of Arboressence presented the pros and cons of different cabling techniques and materials. Of particular interest were the results of load tests of spliced cable with a Eureka clamp versus 3 and 4 wire rope grips only.

Ken James of Enspec provided an insight into new technology being utilized for measuring root plate tilt to enhance risk assessment of potential total root plate failures. The results of his trials undertaken in Tasmania on maturing Norfolk Island Pines moving in the ground was of particular interest.

Ben Kenyon of Homewood Consulting provided an insider’s view of the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires from an arborists perspective, in regards to issues of assessment, labeling and prioritizing road side risk reduction works immediately after the fires; and what, if anything, we have learnt from that experience nearly 4 years on.

Greg Moore discussed the benefit of retaining small amounts of branches to dampen stresses placed on


trees during the removal process; with a focus on the validity of removing a tree from the top down as opposed to the bottom up. This subject generated good discussion during the lunch break.

Martin Norris walked us through the new Tree Risk Assessment International Society Arboriculture Best Management Practice that resulted from the recent ISA workshops.

Graham McMahon provided video evidence of why tree defects should be dealt with when they are identified and not put off by management for someone to deal with later.

The subject matter was relevant; the presenters were passionate and informative; and the audience interacted enthusiastically. The VTIO & CAV should be commended for their efforts to bring the industry together through events such as this.

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