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Effective from 7th August 2015, Tree Logic have acquired ArborCo, a leading provider of arboricultural knowledge, techniques and tree services in Australia.Arbor Co Logo clipped

Tree Logic and Arbor Co will continue to use their respective names and brands, retain all existing staff, with the exception of David Caldecott, and continue to offer all existing services.

The acquisition is the result of increasing demand for arboricultural services with a capacity to problem solve and deliver tree management services with care and professionalism.

It strengthens Tree Logic’s position as an arboricultural service provider with extensive knowledge of how trees work, and increases our capacity to provide maintenance and management services.

As with all important business activities, we will work closely with our clients, partners and employees to make the process as smooth as possible.

In the meantime we will continue to deliver the same high quality for which both Tree Logic and Arbor Co are known.

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