About Tree Logic

Tree Logic Pty Ltd has been providing consultancy services since September 1997 to a diverse range of client groups including residential, commercial organisations, institutions, government and developers.

Tree Logic is recognised as a leader in the field of arboriculture and is acknowledged by the industry for its services in professional consultancy, management of tree care issues and customer service.  Tree Logic provides innovative and advanced solutions for urban forest management.

Tree Logic has adopted a uniform approach to ensuring quality throughout its service activities.  This approach relies principally on the specifications and expectations of the client, along with formal training and informal instruction to qualified arboricultural Tree Logic staff.  Tree Logic has also developed standard descriptors and definitions for tree attributes, which have been reviewed and developed over 18 years.

Our experience in large-scale tree surveys has also provided ample opportunity to review our specific quality control measures in relation to the accuracy of the information submitted.

Tree Logic has the resources, skills and expertise to provide expected outcomes for undertaking the tree removal requests, utility consents, amenity tree valuations and other miscellaneous consultancy services at a cost competitive price.

Tree Logic’s values:

  • Service to our customers
  • Quality in all that we do
  • Professionalism and ethics in all our actions
  • Growth and Development of our company and our people
  • Continued improvement and development of our products and services
  • Working with like-minded professionals
  • Ongoing research and product testing for our customers benefit
  • Education and dissemination of information

Tree Logic’s vision:

To provide premium and contemporary arboricultural and horticultural services that are of benefit to our clients, their trees and the environment.

Tree Logic’s mission:

To be recognised as a leading and respected arboricultural consulting company supplying innovative advanced technological solutions for all arboricultural problems while also providing customer service excellence.


To view Tree Logic’s Terms and Conditions, please download from here.