Docklands project comes to fruition with Norfolk Island Pine

April 9, 2011

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Docklands project sees the avenue of  Norfolk Island Pines finally being planted.

Early in March, Tree Logic was onsite at Harbour Esplanade with consultants Brown and Tompkinson, BKK Architects, Taylor Cullity Lethlean and Cut & Fill to witness a long and extensive project take shape. Steve Frank explains why the Norfolk Island Pine was the species of choice for this major Vic Urban Harbourside development.

Thanks to all those involved
BKK Architects
Brown and Tomkinson
Taylor Cullity Lethean Lanscape Architects
Cut and fill

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3 Responses to “Docklands project comes to fruition with Norfolk Island Pine”

  1. Mark Corea Says:

    Incidentally was also curious about the performance of a close relative Agathis robusta, which I heard anecdotally was planted in the Docklands area, not necessarily as part of this project. Just that we’ve had some growing in a rather exposed driveway in our Berwick campus, which have not thrived as I’d expect them to, after 18 months.

  2. Stephen Frank
    Stephen Frank Says:

    Thanks Mark,
    There has been some criticism in regard to the traffic issues within Docklands and the redevelopment of Harbour Esplanade, however the Norfolk Island Pine are a fantastic addition to this precinct and I look forward to seeing them grow into a real landscape feature for Melbourne.

  3. Mark Corea Says:

    Steve, great choice of a tree that I regard as ‘tough as old boots’. Seen them thrive in a tropical golf course situation and they make majestic avenues along many coastal towns in Victoria.

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