Electric Line Clearance Workshop – Next Steps

This week more than 60 council representatives from 33 municipalities attended the MAV workshop with Energy Safe Victoria to discuss a risk-management model and transition arrangements to enable participating councils to deliver the same safety outcomes as intended by the Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations 2010 and the Code of Practice.

The proposal for ESV to work with the MAV and councils, through a Reference Group, to develop a risk-management approach followed agreement that street trees provide substantial environmental and amenity benefits, and that different approaches may be necessary for each council to achieve outcomes that meet the regulated safety requirements and community expectations.

Agreed actions arising from the workshop include establishing the Reference Group, including up to ten council representatives; the MAV to pursue a “no action” letter from ESV for councils who sign on to participate in the risk-management approach; and the MAV to appoint a consulting firm with technical expertise to assist local government’s contribution on the Reference Group. It is also anticipated that pilot testing of any proposed risk-management model will be undertaken with a representative sample of councils.”

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MAV Bulletin: Issue No 807 – Week ending 19 November 2010
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