Elm Leaf Beetle

The Elm Leaf Beetle has established itself in Victoria and is spreading rapidly across Melbourne’s Elm tree population.
While your local council may be treating Elm trees in public areas, more must be done to stop the beetle from spreading to and from unprotected trees on private property.

Why is it a pest?

Unsightly damage to Elm Trees results from the feeding of adult beetles and larvae on the leaves.
Repeated seasonal defoliation causes:

  • a decline in tree health
  • reduced growth
  • an increased susceptibility to environmental stresses.

How do I identify the beetle?

  • Adult beetle: about 6mm long, yellowish to olive green with a black stripe along each side of the back.
  • Larvae: about 12mm long, green to yellow, black head and two black stripes on the back.
  • Pupae: about 6mm long and bright orange-yellow.

When and how should I control the pest?

  • Pest control is best undertaken in late winter through spring to minimise defoliation.
  • Effective control methods include soil and trunk injection.

What is the life cycle?

  • Beetles emerge in spring and feed on leaves creating ‘Shot Hole’ damage.el_beetle
  • Eggs laid on the underside of the leaves hatch into larvae which skeletonise the leaves as they feed.
  • Larvae migrate down the trunk to pupate in the soil or crevices on the lower trunk. After a short time new adult beetles emerge and repeat the cycle

Management Options

Tree Logic offers a complete range of management options for Elm Leaf Beetle and other tree related issues, including low toxicity insecticides utilising low volume sprays and soil injection techniques.

• Soil injection
• Trunk injection
• Tree health
• Hazard evaluation
• Documentation and reporting
• Inspection and applications by qualified horticulturists

The reference to the three steps to controlling Elm Leaf Beetle on our current email newsletter was incorrect. There are two methods of control that Tree Logic perform which are Soil Injection and Trunk Injection. Only one of these methods is required to control the beetle.

Pricing for Soil or Trunk injection

Pricing is based on the width of your tree. See matrix below:

$190 – 0-30cm diameter tree
$225 – 30-50cm diameter tree
$255 – 50-75cm diameter tree
$295 – 75-90cm diameter tree
$295 plus $17 for every additional 5cm of trunk width for trees over 90cm

Additional trees
1-5 additional trees you will receive a 15% discount from the total bill
6 or more trees will receive a 20% discount from the total bill

Please note that prices stated above are for trees within Melbourne Metropolitan area only. For outside the Melbourne Metropolitan area, please give us a call for a quotation.

Tree diameter (width) is measured below the first emerging branch no higher than 1.4m above grade.

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