Fig Tree Planting at the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne

The redevelopment of the Hyatt’s Foyer is complete and the five Ficus hilli var. ‘Flash’ installed by Tree Logic are prospering in their purpose built habitat.


The project presented many challenges none less demanding than balancing the horticultural requirements of the plants against engineering constraints, interior design requirements and construction schedules.


Tree Logic was involved with the designers from the outset providing advice that ensured adequate soil volume was designed into the floor space, specifying soil media appropriate for growth that meet ?oor load restraints, securing appropriate species of a large enough size to create an impact and advising on appropriate artifcial lighting requirements to sustain the three trees that were located within the building.

That was the easy part.

The installation of the trees was undertaken in conjunction with the construction process which was demanding to say the least. Getting the materials we required including almost 70 cubic meters of soil media and five 6 meter tall trees weighing 1.2 tonne each into the site from Collins and Russell Street was a challenge in itself that was compounded by tight deadlines, even tighter access and the need to protect expensive floor coverings. Once we were in, drainage had to be installed, the soil media had to be carefully layered within the pits, the trees set, irrigation installed, moisture and temperature monitoring equipment fitted all completed whilst a myriad of other construction activities went on around us in close proximity.

In the final phases of the construction process, Tree Logic also had to ensure that the trees and the pits were kept free of building debris such as plaster and stone dust whilst monitoring and testing our systems.

With that all behind us, Tree Logic is now charged with the responsibility of maintaining the trees over the expected life of the design and developing their form to suit the space and, in time; create spectacular indoor trees.

Tree Logic would like to thank our staff, GHG, Bar Studios, Billard Leece, May Horticultural, Kanes Construction and Irene Gosney to mention a few for their patience and support through the delivery of this project.



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