Heritage tree saved in Traralgon

In October, Tree Logic was set the task of transplanting a large maturing Azarole Hawthorn (Crataegus azarolus) located in old Salvation Army site where it had been planted 60 years earlier, to Victory Park in the very heart of Traralgon which is literally across the road.

The tree is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register as being of state botanical significance as the only known example of this specie or hybrid in Victoria. With the help of Rob Bodenstaff (Arbor Centre, WA), BS Callow, Gyra Engineering and various local sub-contractors including P & D Cranes, Maffra Trenching and RTL Transport; Tree Logic set about process for transplanting the 40 tonne tree.

How we did it

A root ball of over 5 meters in diameter was carefully excavated, roots were trimmed and the ball framed. A steel raft frame was constructed under the tree so that it may be lifted with a crane and placed on a transport vehicle. The base lift method of transplant was chosen over the more common practice of pin lifting, to reduce damage to the tree and to take a much larger root ball. Once lifted on to transport the tree was driven across the Princess Highway into Victory Park. The tree was planted proud of existing site grade to avoid any potential water logging of the root ball, was mulched and the site cleaned up.

The job was completed within 5 days. LaTrobe City Council will look after the tree for the next 2 – 5 years until it becomes re-established in the landscape. Parks and Gardens staff lead by Mick Cantwell were trained by Tree Logic in the nuances of managing and maintaining the tree over this critical period and we will be dropping in from time to time to see how the tree fares. Early indications are that it’s a happy team at Hawthorn.


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2 Responses to “Heritage tree saved in Traralgon”

  1. David Balsamo Says:

    Thanks Simon for the comment. The preservation of venerable mature trees is important in the ever changing urban landscape but only if you can give them enough room, care and attention

  2. simon Says:

    Its good to see that some people place some importance on mature trees. Far too many developments simply clear the trees or dont protect them well enough. VCAT certainly dont help the situation, from personal experience.

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