JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

December 10, 2012


Tree Logic’s team ‘Hannah’s Heroes’

Tree Logic has a close involvement with the JDRF’s ‘Walk to Cure Diabetes’ as two of the Director’s families have children affected by the disease. This year Tree Logic sponsored team ‘Hannah’s Heroes’ with the theme ‘Branching Out to Cure Diabetes’. The walk, held at Albert Park each year, attracts tens of thousands of people and is testament to the intrusion this disease has on an incredible 122,300 other Australian families.

Researchers are working hard to more fully understand the complicated mix of genetic and environmental factors that may cause or trigger this disease and it is certain that going on a diet or cutting down on sugar does not stop Type 1 diabetes. But what does?… that is the million dollar question.

The hotly contested T-shirt competition was a highlight of the day as ‘Team Jake’ pipped us at the post as winners. Their sheer power in numbers, a noisey disposition on stage and a spot of break-dancing clearly swung the judges decison!

We all share the hope that a cure will be found and are motivated by the amazing attitude and resilience of the kids affected. To make a donation visit http://walk.jdrf.org.au/VIC/TreeLogic/


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