Mulch for trees

Peoples awareness of the potential benefits to gardens of using mulch has increased markedly over the past few decades. With the recent limitations imposed on domestic water resources and the implications for water use in the garden, plant moisture stress caused by drought is becoming an increased cause of tree decline. Mulch is gaining attention as one strategy that can assist gardens to cope with hot dry conditions.
Mulch is a covering placed over the ground. Numerous materials are used as mulch and these can be broadly divided into organic products, such as wood and bark chips, shredded leaf and branch matter, recycled pallets, leaf litter, saw dust, and straw, and inorganic products, such as crushed rock, gravel, plastic, and shredded rubber to name a few. Organic wood based mulch is the focus of this article.

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2 Responses to “Mulch for trees”

  1. David Balsamo Says:

    Thanks Sandy for your comment. Without having a look at your palm, it sounds like wet feet (too much water). Have you spoken with the company that supplied and installed the palm? Please feel free to contact our office if you need to discuss further


    David Balsamo

  2. sandy Says:

    We had a CIDP tranplanted nearly 12 months ago and have cut the lower fronds as they have died. The outside fronds are now yellowing and browning from their base up the frond backbone before the frond leaves have even greyed or even started to droop down. Any suggestions as to what this might be?

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