Pinus halapensis (Aleppo Pine)

April 27, 2005

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  • Origin :Israel, Greece, Spain and Morocco
  • Growth Rate: Moderate to slow
  • Habit: Rounded to domed
  • Height x Width: 15-30m x 10-15m
  • Lifespan : Long
  • pH: Complete range
  • Compaction: Not known
  • Waterlogging: Moderate
  • Drought: High
  • Frost: High
  • Aerial Salt : High
  • Pest & Disease Susceptibility: Generally trouble free.

Landscape Notes/ Design Qualities
A tree well suited to the climate of South–eastern Australia. The crown forms a dense covering of soft light green needles forming a dense rounded and sometimes flat-topped crown, often appearing swept to one side. Attractive pale grey bark with orange hints decorticates in small platelets; small cones to 7cm long are held in the crown for many seasons and do not create a litter problem.


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2 Responses to “Pinus halapensis (Aleppo Pine)”

  1. Simon Gibbons Says:

    The tree has become a serious invasive weed in southern Eyre Peninsula of SA and is also a problem in the council area of the Hills Mitcham SA.
    Feral populations of the plant occur in areas not grazed or managed and seriously degrade native vegtation.
    On the plus side it has become and important food resource for the endangered Yellow tailed Black Cockatoos.

  2. Scott Watson Says:

    It is worth noting that under some conditions the Aleppo Pine can be quite weedy. I recall it recruiting prolifically at Point Cook Homestead (growing on sand over basaltic clay). It certainly has a high drought tolerance and I have the impression it is pretty happy about basalt soils too.

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