Shrine's Lone Pine losing the fight

June 22, 2012

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In recent articles we have described in detail the fungal infection found to be impacting many Pine trees in Victoria and in particular have made reference to the consultancy work done for Melbourne City Council in regards to the Lone Pine at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance. Unfortunately the prognosis is

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not good as damage caused by the fungal infection Diplodia pine takes hold and in a recent article published in Melbourne’s The Age newspaper the damage done by this persistent disease has concluded that this historic tree, planted from a seed a soldier souvenired from the Gallipoli battlefield, may not survive. The tree has become brown and wilted and damage to limbs with a weeping white sticky substance that looks like crystallised sugar is evident on major branches. At this point in time there is some hope that it may last to the centenary but it is not looking likely. Read THE AGE article here.

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