Smart-Shot™ – how did it all happen

Tree Logic had been trialing tree injectors for many years. Glenn Waters Director/Consulting Arborist & Sales explains “whatever system we tried, there always seemed to be some element we felt could be improved”. Through research Glenn located a manufacturer of animal health syringes. For several years Tree Logic and the manufacturer have trialed different prototypes working towards a design that works, is refillable, efficient, sturdy enough for commercial use and reasonably priced. Viola! The Smart Shot Refillable Tree Injector was born.


What Benefits does Smart-Shot™ bring to the industry?

Smart Shot is easy to use and with the draw-off loader there is no need to come into contact with any chemical. It has low pressure (<3.5psi) as opposed to other injection systems that can cause wood tissue wounding at the injection site. It also has a very small injection hole and no rubber or plastic plugs need to be inserted or left in the tree. “The main benefits of smart shot is that it is low cost, immediately refillable and reusable, safe, efficient and easy to use” says Glenn.

How Significant is Smart-Shot™ Refillable Tree Injector?

There has already been considerable interest in the product. As Glenn says “if the number of enquiries and emails are any indication we may see the Smart Shot Refillable Tree Injector being the industry standard for this type of work in the future”.


Smart-Shot is a trademark of Tree Logic Pty Ltd

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