The merits of porous pavements discussion by world experts

September 3, 2010

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Tree Logic’s recent July seminars, held in Melbourne and Sydney, gave delegates the opportunity to hear world experts in the field of porous pavements technology share insights into design, functional applications and maintenance of various porous pavement systems.
Professor Bruce Ferguson, from the University of Georgia, has a background in landscape architecture and spoke about the benefits of porous pavements in our landscapes, the different types in use and the importance of incorporating this technology into urban landscapes.
Professor Simon Beecham hails from the University of South Australia and is Head of Civil Engineering and Director of the SA Water Centre for Water Management and Reuse (CWMR).  Simon spoke about the advantages of incorporating porous pavements into Water Sensitive Urban Design initiatives.  He believes that porous pavements provide more sustainable management of our water resources with an enormous potential to harvest rainwater off the abundance of hard surfaces in our cities.
Dr. Brian Shackel has researched and taught pavement engineering at the University of New South Wales for decades.  Brian continues to work with pavement organisations in the functional aspects of porous pavements.  Brian’s insights into maintenance and clogging issues have dispelled some of the main concerns over using this technology.
The use and acceptance of porous pavements is growing in our cities. The use of porous pavements as a ‘Green infrastructure’ can aid in the reintroducing of environmental systems into urban landscapes.
We recognise that the use of porous pavements for horticultural systems is only a small component of the applications for porous pavements but we are interested, however, in the continuing notion of reintroducing natural systems into urban landscapes.  This includes creating growing conditions conducive for plant growth, particularly in regard to increasing conflict with hard surfaces and dwindling space in urban areas.
As we move towards more sustainable cities, porous pavements provide a functional, cost-competitive construction element that can provide enormous benefits to people, flora, fauna and landscapes.  The use of porous pavements should be considered integral to contemporary urban design.

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