Tilia tomentosa (Silver Linden)

February 27, 2007

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Origin: Southeastern Europe, western Asia

Habit: Medium to large deciduous tree. Oval pyramidal form. Moderate growth rate, mature dimensions between 15-25m high x 10-15m wide.

Description: Alternate, simple serrated leaves, dark green above, tomentose beneath, 5cm to 12cm long, turn yellow in autumn. Yellowish-white, fragrant flowers in clusters. Light grey, smooth bark.

Tolerances: Transplants well, adapts to most soil types; prefers acidic soil but will grow in alkaline conditions. Moderate pollution tolerance. This tree can tolerate low salt. Tree will grow in dry soil and is tolerant of drought. Leaves will show marginal scorching following drought conditions but will appear fine the following year.

Notes: Formative pruning required will shoot from trunk. Excellent tree for urban environs, more heat and drought tolerant than other Lindens. Seek varieties ‘Sterling’ or

Root space: Based on mature size tree would require approximately 175m2 area or 106m3 root volume (Crown projection method).

Availability: Occasional. Bare root, containerised

Ref: Dirr, M. A., 1990, Manual of woody landscape plants, Stipes Publishing Company, U.S.A.
Gilman, E. F., (1997), Trees for Urban and Suburban Landscapes, Delmar.

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