Tree Biomechanics Workshop

February 1, 2012

Seminar info

Fri 23 March 2012, Melbourne

What is Tree Biomechanics? And why should I care?

Tree Biomechanics is the mechanical study of trees. Trees are structures and must obey physical laws just like buildings and bridges. A basic understanding of how physical laws apply to trees and arboricultural practice is critical to improving one’s arboricultural knowledge.

This one-day workshop will review basic physical principles like force, movement, stress, and strain, to see how they apply to cabling, climbing, pruning, rigging, and tree risk assessment.

Dr. Kane has conducted research projects in all of these areas and will present his data to highlight practical considerations for working arborists.


…we had the pleasure of hosting Prof Brian Kane in Singapore in 2011. He spoke at our annual Arboriculture Seminar and also conducted a one-day standalone seminar… What is Tree Biomechanics?.. His workshop was very well received, with lots of practitioners giving a thumbs up …for making a not so easy topic easily understood. He is a fantastic speaker…

Kay, Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecologogy, Singapore

Fri 23 March 2011

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551 Heidelberg Rd
Fairfield Victoria



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