Tree Logic’s seminar, Arboriculture, a great success.

December 2, 2009

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Tree Logic’s seminar, Arboriculture, presented by Nelda Matheny and James Clark was a great success. Both speakers have command of their topics and can inform and entertain at the same time.
For many of the delegates it was an opportunity to revisit some fundamental arboricultural skills as well as network amongst a good crowd of 165.  The field assessment workshop, in particular gave opportunity for interaction amongst the group.
Nelda’s talk on water issues in California carried particular pertinence for the listeners considering our dwindling water supplies and requirements to find alternative sources.  The sessions on tree risk management did create some healthy debate and highlighted some areas of the evaluation and rating of hazard trees in urban areas that could undergo review.
The venue, ‘Leonda By The Yarra’ and the food also complimented the day.  On the whole the majority of delegates walked out having had a positive experience.

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“Tree Hazard”  Risk Evaluation and Treatment System delivered by Nelda Matheny at the 2009 Seminar. Click here to download the pdf


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