Tree Logic wins Maribyrnong Council tender

Maribyrnong_UA2Tree Logic was recently successful in winning the tender to undertake the City of Maribyrnong’s Urban Forest Assessment.

The tree assessment will include all public trees located in Council managed land, including streets, parks and reserves and Council managed facilities.
The aim of the Maribyrnong City Council Urban Forest Assessment is to determine the condition, age and diversity of the tree population and the data will be used in the development of an Urban Forest Plan.  In order to meet the community’s expectations, Council seeks to create a vision and a plan of how Maribyrnong’s urban forest should be sustained and enhanced.

An urban forest could be simply defined as, “… the collection of all trees and vegetation in and around a town or city”.  Or more complexly, “Urban forestry is generally defined as the art, science and technology of managing trees and forest resources in and around urban community ecosystems for the physiological, sociological, economic, and aesthetic benefits trees provide society.”  (Konijnendijk, et al, 2005).

In physical terms, the urban forest is the sum total of all trees and associated vegetation growing within an urban area.  It includes trees located on private and public managed land.

Trees are fundamental in creating healthy urban environments.  Many people see trees as an important measure of the quality of their communities.  There is a growing body of research that supports the importance of maintaining healthy, sustainable urban forests.

Urban forests are complex, dynamic living resources that interact both positively and negatively with the surrounding environment.  They produce multiple benefits and have associated management costs.Maribyrnong_UA1

Protecting and enhancing Maribyrnong’s urban forest through proper tree management is vital to sustaining a healthy, vibrant community.
Tree Logic has previously and successfully completed the Maribyrnong City Council (2007) full mapping and survey of all street trees and park trees (Approximately 50,000 trees) within the municipality using GIS/GPS, pen computers and cadastre information.  This next assessment will build on this previous information and will include additional trees not previously captured in the database.

Tree Logic looks forward to assisting Council and the community of Maribyrnong in achieving their goals for the management of its urban forest.

Stephen Frank – Manager Consulting


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