Seminar – March 26 2010

February 20, 2010

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Trees and development – The roots to best practice.
Hosted by Tree Logic
Leonda By The Yarra
Garden Room
2 Wallen Road, Hawthorn
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One of the most important tree management topics for 2010!
• Arborists
• Architects
• Builders
• Engineers
• Land Managers
• Landscape Architects
• Contractors
• Planners
• Building Surveyors

For anyone involved ?with the management of urban trees or those making decisions pertaining to the urban tree canopy.


Trees improve the quality of urban life and contribute to a sense of community.  Aesthetically pleasing, they add a softness to the urban core, provide continuity in areas undergoing dynamic change and visually connect and define the character of entire neighbourhoods.

Urban trees provide vital environmental benefits. They clean the air, sequester carbon dioxide, provide catchment for rain water, moderate temperature extremes and provide shade reducing exposure and heat loading.

Trees also enhance property values. Studies show that the retention of trees on private property can increase home values by more than 20 percent.

These aesthetic, environmental and economic considerations reflect a critical need to retain trees in the urban environment.

With the first Australian Standard AS 4970-2009 – ‘Protection of Trees on Development Sites’ now available, building developers and arborists now have an agreed framework for the preservation and protection of trees during all stages of a development project.  This represents an important step forward in promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly building practices.

Trees and development: The roots to best practice seminar will deliver up-to-date, practical and effective information on the roles that trees play in the development process. Core to the proceedings are implications and applications of the new Australian Standard AS 4970-2009 .

A copy of the Standard is available for purchase online from SAI Global.


David Evans is the Principal Consultant of The Arbor Centre (UK) and is a fellow of the Arboricultural Association of Britain. He
regularly provides CPD seminars to allied professionals and has presented papers to peers at arboricultural conferences and
seminars in the UK, USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

David Galwey is the Manager and Principal Consulting Arborist at Tree Dimensions. He works extensively with councils, developers, architects and town planners and lectures occasionally at The University of Melbourne. He was nominated as the ISAAC representative to the Standards Australia Arboriculture Committee and has been involved in ongoing development and review of several standards needed by the arboricultural profession, including AS 4970 ‘Protection of Trees on Development Sites’.

Glenn Waters
is a Director with Tree Logic. Glenn has twenty-six years in the arboriculture industry with both private and local government. He spent five years as a City Arborist with the City of Prahran (Stonnington) and now consults with many of the major organisations including Royal Melbourne Zoo, Royal Melbourne Golf Club, numerous Victorian Councils and Shires and as a Landscape Assessment Officer for the ?City of Glen Eira.

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