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September 12, 2012

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Trees for Schools Competition Winner Wales Street Primary

Congratulations to Wales Street Primary School

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in Thornbury who are worthy winners of Tree Logic’s annual tree planting competition, Trees for Schools. An historic red brick building and some some very impressive mature Peppercorns (Schinus molle L) are definitely a feature but, as we know, age weary’s all and it was time to breath some new life into the surounding landscape of this century old site.

After a thorough site assessment by the Logical Tree Management crew they went to work planting twelve Chinese Pistachios (Pistacio chinensis) and in the process removed three old Desert Ash (Fraxinus augustifolia) trees as well. Here, team leader Kelly, (who by the way is making her video debut!) speaks to winning Assistant Vice Principal Trevor Robinson and describes the planting process in more detail.

If you are interested in entering your local school in the ‘Trees for Schools’ competition please go to Trees for Schools entry form.

Previous winners Orchard Grove see their trees thriving

It’s always great to follow-up the success of the ‘Trees for Schools’ initiative and this can be seen in the performance of the Spotted Gums (Corymbia maculata) planted at previous competition winners Orchard Grove Primary School in Blackburn South.

The trees can be seen along the top edge of the oval and at the time of planting they were approximately 1.8 metres tall with a trunk diameter of three centimetres. They are now six to seven metres high and are starting to have a real impact in the landscape.

Our aim with this competition is to assist in the improvement of tree canopies within school environments which, as we all know, provides enormous benefits to the schools and communities in general


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