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December 19, 2016

Arboricultural management

While currently not easy to obtain, we hope that nurseries will consider stocking species like this in the future, which we believe ill offer great resilience in a warmer, dryer climate.

atalaya_hemiglaucaBotanical name: Atalaya hemiglauca

Comon name: Whitewood

Origin: Widespread in the dry, inland areas of Australia, found in every mainland State except Victoria. Occurring mainly on open plains and alluvial flats; less common on stony country.

Typical height: 6-9 metres

Typical width: 4-7 metres

Growth rate: Moderate

Typical form: Small evergreen tree with an open, spreading canopy.

Characteristics: Pale grey-whiteish, smooth to scaly bark. Leaves are variable, adult leaves are pinnate with narrow oblong-lanceolate leaflets, waxy green above, paler below (hemiglauca – half grey). Flowers are small, creamy-green, in large, branched clusters followed by two winged dry fruits (samara), similar to some Maples.

Site requirements: Grows in most soils, but prefers coarse sands and clay loams and full sun.

Tolerances: High drought tolerance.

Notes: Formative prune to develop strong structure. Suckers freely from the roots and regrows freely from damaged roots.

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