Andrew Traczynski

Andrew Traczynski

“Trees have the ability to soften the hardness of the urban landscape both visually and intangibly. The foliage softens the outlines of infrastructure, beautifying our cities, while quietly alleviating temperatures and filtering out pollutants to give us fresh, clean air”.

Andrew is a man who loves getting his hands dirty. From a young age he began his life-long study of horticulture, with interests in everything from Australian natives, Japanese gardens, sustainable gardening practices and design.

All of this he did in his spare time. Andrew began his career in graphic design but after 15 years he decided it was time to follow his passion. He completed an Associate Degree in Environmental Horticulture in 2010.

Andrew joined the Treelogic team in 2016(?). He most enjoys the variety of the role; working in various outdoor locations, the mix of people, and that he gets to see many private and public garden spaces. He considers himself to be constantly learning about horticulture and is in the process of completing a Graduate Certificate in Arboriculture.

Horticulture aside, Andrews’ passion lies in martial arts. Our own Sensei Andrew has been studying Karate for 20 years and achieved the black belt rank of 3rd Dan in 2006. He runs the Melton Dojo in his spare time; teaching classes and producing the clubs graphic design material.

“My favourite thing about trees is that they provide shade when it’s a hot sunny day. It’s one of those things that you forget about until the conditions force you to appreciate it. From a design perspective they can be enjoyed directly and from afar as part of the wider landscape vista.”