David Phillips

After many years in the work force trying to carve out time for his horticultural interests, David Phillips wondered why he couldn’t turn his passion into a career. He completed his studies and began his successful career in the horticulture industry before eventually specialising in trees.

David is a consulting arborist with Treelogic with a myriad of qualifications to his name. He currently holds a Graduate Certificate in Garden Design, an Associate Degree in Environmental Horticulture, a Certificate III Horticulture, and a Certificate II Arboriculture. He joined the Treelogic team in 2011.

“Being an arborist is a journey that is perennial; it continues to germinate, grow, flower and set fruit along the way.”

David’s career with Treelogic has been varied and vast. In David’s words; “Treelogic has provided a fertile ground to learn, manage and protect tees; a place to continue to develop my career, much like a tree with deep roots.” David is proud to be part of a team dedicated to not only protecting the environment but helping it thrive.

David dedicates much of his spare time to volunteering his skills at community gardens. He is well travelled and can boast trips to such exotic locations as the Incan trail and Macchu Picchu. Next on his list is a visit to the Avenue of Boabs in Western Madagascar.

“Our time is now to get creative, to put trees first, to understand that these magnificent organisms are central to our peace, happiness and survival in such a complex world.

A tree is a tree is a tree,

Whether it’s grown or when it’s a seed.

From humble beginnings

to a giant of the forest

We will always need our trees”.