Kelvin Lui

Kelvin Lui

A lover of trees for as long as he can remember, Kelvin Lui decided that it might be a good idea to build a career around a profession that looks at trees. “Being an arborist brings me to places far and wide and lets me meet people of all kinds.”

However, Kelvin began his studies in a slightly different field by first completing a Master of Landscape Architecture. After a short time in that line of work, and an insightful apprenticeship at the Taisho-en Bonsai and Plant Nursery in Japan, Kelvin switched his field of interest and went back to university to begin a Graduate Certificate of Arboriculture. Meanwhile, he sharpened his tree-shaping and pruning skills at a Melbourne based nursery.

Kelvin sees trees as ephemeral yet long lasting. The idea that trees possess the ability to undergo drastic changes in a day, week or month (e.g. autumn colour) yet stand thriving with such vitality and character is one of the many reasons Kelvin decided on a career in tree preservation.

Kelvin joined Treelogic in 2016. His experience with the company is mainly in tree inspections (including nursery stock), tree inventory data collection and maintaining plant health.

Bonsai is one of Kelvin’s favourite pastimes, along with rock climbing and bouldering, hiking and experiencing different cultures through travel.

“Trees can really play a focal point for great stories. The longevity of trees are amazing; they can transcend yet connect timelines and generations.”