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Treelogic Pty Ltd has been providing consultancy services since September 1997 to a diverse range of client groups including residential, commercial organisations, institutions, government and developers.

Treelogic is recognised as a leader in the field of arboriculture and is acknowledged by the industry for its services in professional consultancy, management of tree care issues and customer service.  Treelogic provides innovative and advanced solutions for urban forest management.

Treelogic has adopted a uniform approach to ensuring quality throughout its service activities.  This approach relies principally on the specifications and expectations of the client, along with formal training and informal instruction to qualified arboricultural Treelogic staff.  Treelogic has also developed standard descriptors and definitions for tree attributes, which have been reviewed and developed over 20 years.

Our experience in large-scale tree surveys has also provided ample opportunity to review our specific quality control measures in relation to the accuracy of the information submitted.

Treelogic has the resources, skills and expertise to provide expected outcomes for undertaking the tree removal requests, utility consents, amenity tree valuations and other miscellaneous consultancy services at a cost competitive price.


  • Passionate: We are deeply committed to maintaining, protecting and planting trees to create a greener urban landscape. We advocate ‘the right tree in the right place’.

    Collaborative: We work hand-in-hand with each other and our clients, governments and agencies to achieve tangible results.

    Integrity: We are committed to delivering high quality, science based arboricultural information and services.

    Rigorous: We continually build our knowledge with staff training and development with industry leaders to lead the industry with tree management strategies and practices.

  • At Treelogic we strive to provide the best service and advice in the arboriculture industry Australia wide by growing our expertise in the art and science of tree assessment and management. We aim to help urban trees thrive and to build understanding with our clients about the environmental, societal and economic benefits trees provide.


    • To exceed our customer expectations through providing the best solutions and service
    • To build professional relations with all customers and business partners
    • To be known for quality in everything we do, and ethics in all of our actions
    • To improve the quality of our services, our systems and procedures
    • To foster our consulting culture through leadership, leveraging, and acknowledgement
    • To be competitive, entrepreneurial and driven by a will to succeed

  • Arborists and Tree Consultants
    – experienced and trainee positions

    The Treelogic Group of Companies is looking for arboricultural consultants.
    (Please note we are not currently looking for anybody at the moment.)

    •  Treelogic – provides professional advice about trees to government, domestic and commercial clients, and
    •  ArborCo – an established arboriculture service provider, specialising in urban tree care.

    – Full time and/or part time available
    – Are you passionate about trees?
    – Do you have a qualification in arboriculture, horticulture or similar?

    We want people looking to move into the area of communicating about arboriculture; ideally from either urban forestry, natural environment, horticulture or a related field.

    The key to us is your desire to build knowledge and to talk with people about trees.

    The role of the consulting arborist is to bring a comprehensive, objective viewpoint to the diagnosis, appraisal and evaluation of arboricultural issues. The consultant arborist is responsible for carrying out various tree assessments, diagnostics, report preparation, consultation with associated professions, and specifying tree works including: tree protection measures, managing information systems, undertaking arboricultural works and maintaining records.
    The primary objective of the position is to enhance the consulting programs to produce high quality reports, surveys, assessments and information, while providing excellent, professional customer service.

    You would be trained to analyse and advise clients to make the best possible choices regarding the care and management of their trees. We have a great mentoring environment where several people would contribute to your training and development, not only helping build your knowledge and understanding about trees, but also developing a great range of skills. There will also be a sales component with the ArborCo role.

    Salary package is negotiable dependent on qualifications and experience. Position descriptions available upon request.

    Please send your cover letter answering why you’d like to join us, what you have to offer and your CV to
    [email protected] or Tree Logic Pty. Ltd. 4/21 Eugene Terrace, Ringwood VIC 3134.

    Phone 03 9870 7700