Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess

When Tim Burgess finished his Bachelor of Environmental Science, he wasn’t quite sure where to go next. He began in a local government role working with the Strategic Planning and Sustainability team. He learned a great deal about the role of the Planning Scheme in the development of land and the protection of vegetation and wildlife.

When Treelogic expanded and began looking for new consulting arborists, Tim saw this as a unique opportunity in a challenging field. “Consulting for Treelogic offers great flexibility. I enjoy the balance between fieldwork and the technical side of report writing and data analysis. I finished my studies very keen to get involved in the industry in a practical and hands-on role”.

Tim’s passion is in sustainability and environmental issues. He seeks to carve out his career with a strong focus on sustaining the natural environment. Coupled with his experience in urban planning and geospacial mapping, Tim is on his way to a successful career as a Consulting Arborist.

Tim grew up in the South Gippsland town of Leongatha. He was mad for any sport he could get his hands on, and not much has changed today. He gets out onto the golf course as often as he can, though never when the Sydney Swans are playing.

“Trees are a fascinating and complex component of the landscape, providing areas for recreational activities and connection with nature. Working as a consultant in the field is a different job every day and constantly surprises me with new and exciting challenges”.